• Bath time is always fun with Belo Baby! My son Theo loves the Hair and Body Wash best! It’s actually great for other family members, too! Even my husband uses the soap and he likes it!

    Patty Laurel,

    Blogger and Host

  • My boys shower at least 2-3x a day and they both love Belo Baby soap and the hair & body wash! No matter how many times I bathe them, their skin is so smooth, soft, and never dry! I love how Belo Baby naturally moisturizes their skin, I even use it myself!

    Nicole Hernandez,


  • Belo Baby’s Face & Body lotion is a winner for me because it disappears into my son Tristan’s skin and doesn’t leave a sticky, thick layer that you get from other lotions.  I’ve finally found a baby brand that suits Tristan’s needs, and that’s Belo Baby!

    Kelly Misa,

    Lifestyle blogger, Host, and Model

  • I am a very happy mom because of Belo Baby. Now I don’t have to worry about the products I put on my baby’s skin because I am guaranteed that Belo Baby is 100% natural --- meaning, it’s 100% safe and gentle! I also love how good it smells, I can’t take my nose off my little one! :)

    Joyce Delos Reyes,

    Brand Manager

  • For my baby's skin need, i trust only Belo Baby. Crafted with care for your baby and the whole family. #BeloBaby #Face&BodyLotion

  • @belobabylove is a new #baby product line that is crafted with #care for the most #delicate #skin and the most meticulous #mom. We love that they only use 100% certified natural ingredients and 0% harmful ingredients. #OnTheBlog www.mommypeach.com #babypr

    Peachy Adarne
  • This is our favorite ritual: applying lotion on Tristan after a nice warm bath.

    Kelly Misa-Fernandez
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  • As a mom, i want the best for my baby's skin. Thanks for the new Belo Baby...all natural...safe..., and the scent, so relaxing...try q din for me...since i have a very dry skin...pwede for the whole family. #BeloBaby

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  • Thanks to Belo @victoria_belo for having such wonderful baby products. Now, I am not the only one who uses Belo's products but also my adorable baby, Hariel Cassypeia! Inspired by the video of Belo Baby @scarletsnowbelo, I would like to share this picture

    Irishz Fernandez
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    MExel Che Divz
  • My Two Little Prince. #BeloBaby #belobabylove

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    Viktoria Summer Nielsen
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  • Thank you @belobabylove for Eliana's advance birthday gift! Yay

    Angel Caronongan-Enero
  • It's important to keep our children's skin moisturized after bathing. Tasha loves our bath time bonding and with the summer heat she takes 2-3 baths a day. There's a tendency for the skin to become dry after too much cleaning but with #BeloBaby Face and B

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  • He loveees belo baby products esp hair and body wash and sweet snuggle cologne..proof is the video must watch! #buchogluchog #belobaby @belobabylove

  • Inspired by the @belobabylove video to dream, dream, dream and so I brought the sand and sea to Trinity Eve! Trinity getting some faux beach time and a whole lotta real #BeloBaby lovin'. _____________________________________________ @belobabylove

    apre3l v. garcia
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  • How does your baby feel when all-natural #BeloBaby touches their skin? For Mommy @cole_hernandez's son, it feels great on his skin! She mentions "They made sure to put in all the good stuff and leave all the bad icky chemicals out!" #babyproduct #babysoap

    Belo Baby
  • Greetings, #Belobaby earthling!

    Rocel A. Villasis
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    Scarlet Snow Belo
  • With @belobabylove bath time is made more fun! It is a bonding time for us and I want nothing more than to hear Tasha's giggles and happy laughter! Tasha has delicate skin and she loves the #BeloBaby Hair and Body Wash because it is gentle and doesn't sti

  • Hi @belobabylove this is my nephew Baby Hans. I'm hoping to win some belo products for him! Thank you for this chance! #BeloBaby ❤

    God's princess
  • Venice Angela M. Collyer.... 1 month and 3 weeks old

  • #Belobaby Guarantee: Your baby's beautiful and delicate skin deserves the most gentle touch. The Belo Baby Guarantee ensures you of meticulous care with it's Bath & Body products having 100% certified natural ingredients and 0% harsh chemicals.

    Abby Cruz Ramos
  • How cool!

    Kelly Misa-Fernandez
  • Only @belobabylove for my precious little ones!

  • 100% natural, safe and gentle for my babyloveandrei! @belobabylove #belobaby

    Jia Joy G. Goña
  • This lil' cutie tried @belobabylove face & body lotion for a month, I'll post our experience on the blog. In the meantime, if you have a photo of your baby similar to mine, upload it here on Instagram! Tag @belobabylove and use the hashtag #BeloBaby to b

    Jackie Go
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    Flocy Clasara Aniel
  • How to beat the summer heat? Mommy @cole_hernandez's boys take a shower 2-3x a day with all-natural #BeloBaby Bar Soap. "The best thing about it is no matter how many times I bathe them, their skin is so smooth, soft, and never dry!" #babyproduct #bathsoa

    Belo Baby
  • These boys are still babies to me so Happy Baby Day! I enjoy every second with you both! Happy Baby Day to Tristan @kellymisa and Theo @pattylaurel as well!  Because it’s Baby Day, #BeloBaby is giving away FREE @belobabylove all-natural products to moms w

    Nicole Hernandez-dlA
  • It's National Baby Day!!! My love, Happy Baby Day! You have made my life ten million times cooler, #EverydayWithTheo. Don’t forget to greet your babies too, @kellymisa and @cole_Hernandez.  To all the mamas, enjoy a #BeloBaby Day giveaway by @belobabylove

    Patty Laurel-Filart
  • Happy Baby Day to my Tristan! I love you so much, my little nugget.

    Kelly Misa-Fernandez
  • On the blog: #TheMinis are loving Belo Baby products! Find out why they love it on the blog.

    Mom On Duty
  • #HoarderDiaries | Belo Baby is the newest baby on the block! It guarantees 100% certified natural ingredients and 0% harmful chemicals. It is GENTLE, SAFE and NATURAL. I am so excited to have the kids try these! @belobabylove #BeloBaby

    Momma Makes imBento | KAYE
  • #BeloBaby Hair and Body Wash is so "hiyang" to my Bunso. He smells like a baby from head to toe without any irritations after every use! Mas masarap siyang yakapin at halik-halikan! Like @fullyhousewifed's kids, now only Belo touches my baby's skin. . . S

    SJ Valdez
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  • Tasha loves to play dress up and today she is a princess. Thanks to #BeloBaby Cologne for making her smell so fresh and so good, just like a real princess. She has sensitive skin and I love that #BeloBaby cologne is gentle, 100% natural and no harmful che

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    Rica De Guzman
  • Baby GENENA loves the product...... WE LOVE BELO BABY♡♡♡#belobaby @belobabylove

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  • I love how when my soap runs out in the shower, my #BeloBaby magically transforms into body wash @belobabylove

  • Playtime is such a fun time with the smooth, clean feeling Baby Gina has with #BeloBaby face and body lotion. Gina smells so fresh everyday that everyone loves to cuddle her. So happy with @belobabylove ! #ginababylove

    Jeanette Cortum 'AngeL1925'
  • My baby is excited to use this belo baby soap

  • Up on the blog: @belobabylove's new Journey video (click on to www.kellymisa.com).

    Kelly Misa-Fernandez
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    katheja mariano-sales
  • Thank you Belo Baby for the gifts.

    Ghie Alviz
  • #BeloBaby our trusted brand in baby's sensitive and delicate skin.

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    Rose Ann Puapo
  • Even Darnas baby uses #belobaby #belo @belobabylove

    Myra Concepcion Austria
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    Jeoff Kieran Tropicales
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    Jeoff Kieran Tropicales
  • Tasha loves to play dress up and today she is a princess. Thanks to #BeloBaby Cologne for making her smell so fresh and so good, just like a real princess. Sweet Snuggle is her favorite scent. She has sensitive skin and I love that #BeloBaby cologne is ge

  • My babylove Dylan loves to take a bath with the #BeloBaby hair and body wash. Everytime we used it, his skin was so soft. No more rashes because of its 100% natural ingredients and 0% harmful chemicals unlike other baby wash, it is worth to buy. Thank u #

    dian napiza
  • My Belo Baby Love Maria Sherie #belobaby @belobabylove

    SheiLa Yerro
  • Forever Summer with #RaisingViktoriaSummer #BeloBaby products are a staple to Summer's bath time and after bath rituals since we started using it. We also use it as props for play and pretend time.

    Viktoria Summer Nielsen
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    Jovines Zambale
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  • Seyah is super happy to receive these new @belobabylove products! The bath and body line is 100% certified natural ,with 0% harmful chemical, perfect for baby's delicate skin! Congrats @cristallebelo and Dr. @victoria_belo #Belobaby #AllNatural @princess

    Amy Perez-Castillo
  • My son loves Baby Belo products because it makes him feel fresh, smell fresh and look fresh allday even after playing. It does not irritate my son's skin because of hypoallergenic ingredients. It is suitable to all skin type. I will recommend it to all mo

    Liza Parafina
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  • Baby Zyan beats the summer heat as we switched on to Belo Baby. As a mom, I always wanted to make sure that the things I used for him is safe and will protect his delicate skin. So when I found out that Belo has a new product line specifically for baby wh

    Verna-Laine Ochinang
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    Patricia B. Alegre
  • Ok lets go! Ops alkeshia wont let go her belo baby bathsoap hmmm love the scent of cologne #hugs #belobaby 100%natural

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  • You know you're already a Mom if you're not really fond of online promos but you see this #BeloBaby contest and you join anyway. Thanks again @belobabylove for our free product set.

    Bea Duka-Villaflor
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    Jenny Chua
  • My little alkeshia can't get enough with the new #belobaby product cause its all natural

    Alschyrie Heiriel C. Lazaro
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    Jymmaene Mae Miguel
  • In the mail today

  • Love the sweet smell of #belobaby products on my baby. It keeps his skin soft plus it's 100% all natural! Kagigil!

    Daise Virtudazo
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  • @itsmemamanee @belobabylove I am a meticolous mom and I want to experience the all-natural Belo Baby Feeling for my baby's delicate skin! #BeloBaby #MamaneesGiveaway

    Ivy Joy Fajiculay
  • One of our trusted products is from @belobabylove! Happy ONEderful birthday #BeloBaby! #BeloBabyTurnsONE Happy 2nd bday too to the cutest baby here on IG, @scarletsnowbelo! #ScarletSnowTurns2

    Neri Ann | Nheng's Wonderland
  • Happy birthday, @belobabylove ! Since birth, I'm using Belo Baby Products and the effect to my Baby is so Amazinggg!!!!