• Bath time is always fun with Belo Baby! My son Theo loves the Hair and Body Wash best! It’s actually great for other family members, too! Even my husband uses the soap and he likes it!

    Patty Laurel,

    Blogger and Host

  • My boys shower at least 2-3x a day and they both love Belo Baby soap and the hair & body wash! No matter how many times I bathe them, their skin is so smooth, soft, and never dry! I love how Belo Baby naturally moisturizes their skin, I even use it myself!

    Nicole Hernandez,


  • Belo Baby’s Face & Body lotion is a winner for me because it disappears into my son Tristan’s skin and doesn’t leave a sticky, thick layer that you get from other lotions.  I’ve finally found a baby brand that suits Tristan’s needs, and that’s Belo Baby!

    Kelly Misa,

    Lifestyle blogger, Host, and Model

  • I am a very happy mom because of Belo Baby. Now I don’t have to worry about the products I put on my baby’s skin because I am guaranteed that Belo Baby is 100% natural --- meaning, it’s 100% safe and gentle! I also love how good it smells, I can’t take my nose off my little one! :)

    Joyce Delos Reyes,

    Brand Manager